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At Henricks Outdoors, our goal is to provide you with the best products to help you pursue a happy, healthy life while enjoying the great outdoors.

Jeremy Henricks
March 2020, 1 Year After Major Brain Surgery

In Dec 2018 I had a fateful snowboarding accident and had to get an MRI scan. That’s when doctors found a benign brain tumor in front of my brain stem the size of a golf ball. Even better, they told me that I had 6 months before I could start experiencing significant problems with breathing, walking, swallowing, talking, seeing, heartbeat, etc. Basically life!

Two months later in February 2019, I flew to Salt Lake City to meet with my surgeon at 2 PM on Monday and underwent a 12-hour surgery at 7 AM the next day on Tuesday. Recovery after the surgery took about 3 months, and I look back on the rest of 2019 as a new beginning. One where I try to live for today, rather than put things off until tomorrow. Because honestly, there’s no guarantee for tomorrow, for anyone. There’s truly only what’s in front of us right this moment. Fortunately for me, I had an amazing set of nurses and doctors at home and in Utah, and because of their care, along with friends, family, and my always beautiful and amazing wife Mindy (@suburbanlifemom), I was able to push myself in 2019, logging over 180 miles hiking, biking, longboarding, kayaking, and snowshoeing (see my Instagram photos from 2019). I probably did more in the 6 months post-surgery than I did any year prior.

Now you know the backstory as to why I started Henricks Outdoors, with the goal of curating the best outdoor gear to help you achieve your goals, while also helping me recover mentally and physically to achieve mine.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, and take it from me…get out often, and Pursue Life Outdoors!

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