SPYPOINT LM2 Twin Pack Cellular Trail Camera – 20MP Photos, Infrared Game Night Vision Photos, 90′ Flash Camera & Detection Range, 0.5S Trigger Speed, Photos Sent to App (NW)


Without needing to go into the woods to pull an SD card to see what has been happening in the woods, can keep an eye on the property, scout for the coming hunting season, or just enjoy watching wildlife from your home, office, or virtually anywhere else
The LM2 takes 20MP photos so can see the details of every photo that may mean the difference between success and failure in the field. Photos are sent to the SPYPOINT app so you can view them on your phone, tablet o web app.
Maximizing the available cellular signal in the area is critical to long-term performance of a cellular trail camera and the LM2 antenna means the available signal in the area is maximized for the most reliable transmission and performance possible