READYWISE – Emergency Food Supply Bucket, 120 Servings, MRE Meal Food Supply, Premade, Freeze Dried Survival Food for Hiking, Adventure & Camping Essentials, Individually Packaged, 25 Year Shelf Life

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UNPARALLELED EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Elevate your readiness with the ReadyWise Emergency MRE Meal Supply. This life-saving kit, packed in a convenient bucket, boasts 120 servings designed to sustain you for 13 days. When disaster strikes, you’ll be equipped with the ultimate nutrient-packed solution.
SAVOR THE FLAVOR: Don’t compromise on taste during emergencies. Our survival kit includes a delectable assortment of lunch and dinner options. Every dish is crafted from real ingredients, ensuring a gourmet experience even in dire circumstances. With a potential 1,800 calories per day, your energy levels will remain robust.
25-YEAR SHELF LIFE: Trust in longevity with each food item sealed in durable pouches. These provisions remain fresh for up to 25 years, offering enduring peace of mind. When hunger strikes, all it takes is a pouch, some water, a quick stir, and 15 minutes to savor a nourishing meal.