Nutristore Freeze-Dried Breakfast Skillet | Emergency Survival Bulk Food Storage Meal | Perfect for Everyday Quick Meals and Long-Term Storage | 25 Year Shelf Life | USDA Inspected (1-Pack)


Premium Quality & Taste — Our delicious Breakfast Skillet is made with only the best ingredients, then freeze-dried to maintain necessary nutrients, ensuring that every bite tastes home cooked.
COOKING & PREPPING VERSATILITY – Perfect for everyday cooking, lightweight camping/backpacking MRE meals, or emergency survival food storage. Try using in your favorite recipes today or keep it stored conveniently for an emergency 25 years from now as great addition to your survival gear and equipment.
25 Year Shelf Life — Our Breakfast Skillet Meal contains 10 individual servings, 10 grams of protein (per-serving) and is packaged in a gallon-size #10 can for convenience with an optimal 25 year shelf life.