Mountain House Freeze Dried Diced Chicken #10 Can Hunting, Survival, Camping, Backpacking Food Backed by a 30-Year Perfect Taste Survival and Emergency Food Gluten Free 6 Cans Per Case


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THE DICED CHICKEN:Perfect for emergency food storage, feeding your family or large groups, our #10 cans have the longest proven shelf life in the industry.
THE 30-YEAR TASTE GUARANTEE: Backed by a 30-Year Taste Guarantee, have peace of mind knowing it has you covered for any situation that comes your way. From power outages, to storms, or simply not wanting to cook, our #10 cans are a great solution to power you through. Make the entire can at once or scoop out individual servings.
YOU JUST ADD WATER: All you need is hot water and a few minutes to prepare. No access to hot water? No problem. Our meals can be made with cold or room temperature water, just double the rehydration time.