Jackery Solar Generator 1500 PRO 200W, 1512Wh Power Station with 1x200W Solar Panel, Fast Charging in 2 Hours, Intelligent BMS, Dual PD 100W Ports for RV Outdoor Camping & Power Outages


More than Fast: The ultra solar charging experience is here, with Jackery’s state-of-the-art Explorer 1500 Pro. With max 1400W solar power input, this stunning solar generator features an excellent 2 hour solar charge (with 6*200W solar panels), plus rapid 2 hour wall charge.
Ultimate All-round Safety: Safety is taken to the next level with intelligent BMS and 8 temperature sensors for accurate, safe temp control. A patented multi-duct design provides 30% improved heat dissipation efficiency, generating 100% product safety. The complete safe charging experience has arrived.
1800W Power Charging 8 Devices: Immense power is now ready at your fingertips. The Explorer 1500 Pro features 2*PD 100W USB-C ports, 3*1800W AC ports, 2*QC 3.0 USB-A ports and 1*car outlet, offering fast charging for all your household devices and gadgets.