Hiboy KS4 Pro (Hiboy S2 Pro Updated Version) Electric Scooter, 500W Motor (Max 750W), 10″ Honeycomb Tires, 25 Miles Long Range 19 MPH Foldable Commuti Electric Scooter Adults with Hiboy APP


Powerful Motor & Battery: KS4 Pro electric scooter equipped with a 500W(Peak 750W) motor and high capacity battery. With a top speed of 19mph, the scooter achieves 25 Miles travel range per charge under specific conditions, it is suitable for city commuting and traveling.Helping you conquer up to a 15% grade slope.
EABS & Dual brake system: Hiboy adults electric scooter comes with a balanced dual brake system. When starting the rear disc brake, it will synchronously and gently start the front EABS regenerative anti-lock braking to ensure a balanced distribution of the brake system. While effectively enhancing the braking effect, it prevents the occurrence of personal safety accidents caused by the single brake system with the rear wheel slipping sideways or the front wheel braking alone.
Dual Shock Absorption System: KS4 Pro electric scooter features an adjustable dual shock absorption system to reduce most shock, which provides a comfortable and stable riding environment. Update technology to achieve the highest performance, ensuring a smooth, safe and reliable riding experience.