FLASHTEK Lightweight Snowshoes for Men Women Youth, Aluminum Terrain Snow Shoes for Hiking and Heel Lift Riser for…

Amazon.com Price: $54.54$89.99 (as of 07/31/2021 05:33 PST- Details)

SIZES & WEIGHT CAPACITY: 21 inches snowshoes optimized weight range: 65 – 155 lbs / 30 – 70 kg;25 inches snowshoes optimized weight range: 110 – 220 lbs / 50 – 100 kg; 30 inches snowshoes optimized weight range: 150 – 260 lbs / 70 – 120 kg. (Load refers to total weight of user plus anything they are carrying such as pack, equipment, etc.)
DESIGN & DESCRIPTION: Standing atop the Series, the snowshoes are packed with features to tackle your favorite winter hikes, with the lightweight, smooth-striding design, comfort of the TPU binding with fast lock & loosen system and confidence of advanced aft traction, to take you to the tree line and beyond
HEEL LIFT RISER: On steep climbs, calf muscles tire quickly and traction decreases when your foot matches the slope angle. The heel lift Riser eases fatigue and ties directly into Advanced Aft Traction for grip.